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The 2021 EUROSAF Platu25 European Championship is off with a windy start in Odesa

The first-ever Platu25 continental championship has gathered an impressive fleet in Odessa and already set a number of records. Firstly, for the Platu25, the 35-strong list of crews is already a success. Secondly, the last time the Black Sea Yacht Club hosted sailors from six nations was more than 10 years ago. Bringing back the Ukrainian "mecca" of sailing to the European arena is one of the tasks set by the organizers of the European Championship – Black Sea Yacht Club, Odessa Racing Yacht Club, Ukrainian Platu25 Class Association and Sailing Federation of Ukraine. The competition is sanctioned by International Platu25 Association and EUROSAF.
The first racing day of the competition was a real test for both boats and crews. Strong easterlies firmly gripped Black Sea shore and brought with them a very unpleasant chop. No wonder that while some were racing for victory, the others entered “safe mode”. And there was a reason for that as one of the pre-race favorites, national bronze medalist UKR/GBR crew GameChanger has lost a mast in a gust. Several other crews, including some very experienced, have abandoned the racing at different stages. All crews are safe.
With this respect even more astonishing the results look. Firstly, several mixed crews with female helm managed well. Sailing family descendant Anna Kiselyova of the UKR300 Grande Evento finished fifth in the day; Kyiv racing yacht club leader Anastasia Kolisnychenko and her mixed crew UKR438 Jerry Speed ​​finished the day in sixth place.
As for the top-3 crews, they seemed to chase one another and the finishing order was the same in both races.
At one time, Lithuanian Raimondas Sigzdinis glorified his country in the Olympic world, winning the titles of the Laser Radial class world and European champion. Raimondas is continuing his sailing career and won bronze at this year's Platu25 World Championship. As if continuing this trend, his team was twice third at the finish.
Raimondas Sigzdinis, LTU2074 White Whale:
"Of course, the conditions are difficult, we did not expect such a wave, but experience helps to focus and make the right decisions, even in such conditions. We will hope that in the future we will be able to keep our result. "
The two-time Ukrainian national champions in the Platu25 class, the Kyiv-Odessa Black Sea Pirates crew, are unlikely to be satisfied with the second result that the team has achieved today, as a lot of effort has been invested in the training.
Rodion Luka, UKR62 Black Sea Pirates:
"We have carefully prepared for the Europeans and so far we manage to stay in the leading group. Let us see what happens next. The weather is very difficult; there may be surprises, as we have seen today. I can only add that we are staying focused. "
Given the weather conditions, the two bullets posted by Kyiv Racing yacht club’s team “Kontramarka” look fantastic. The mixed crew, which includes both Olympians and non-professional yachtsmen, was fifth at the World Championships in August. Now, it seems, the team wants to take the opportunity to win the international title.
Aleksandr Poryadchenko, UKR999 “Kontramarka”:
“We are happy with the results but there are three more racing day in such a weather. Obiousely we have our spirits high but we keep the fingers crossed”.
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